January 4, 2016

Music Lessons

Adam has begun teaching music lessons. Limited spots are available. Let’s create a customized curriculum that suits your interests.

Topics include:

  • Beginning piano
  • Intermediate piano
  • Rock and blues piano
  • Synthesizers and MIDI
  • Hammond organ
  • Music production

Now accepting students from ages 7 to 117.


Each level generally has 4 books focusing on different areas of development:

  • Piano/Lesson book – builds general skills
  • Technique – makes sure you create good habits
  • Performance – contains songs more suitable for recitals, etc.
  • Theory – the workbook you’ll write in to learn to read music. If you’re using hand-me-down books, you’ll most likely need a new copy of the theory book since the previous owner probably already completed the worksheets.

Young Beginners (7~11)

We’ll start out using the Bastien Primer level books, then move on to Piano Adventures:

Primer: Bastien Piano Basics
Level 1: Piano Adventures
Level 2A: Piano Adventures


“I’m not a kid” Beginners (~12+)

We’ll jump right in to “Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner”. Note: there is an “International” version of this series. Avoid those and get the US version.

Level 1:
Level 2: