Dramatic Score

Custom-scored music crafted to intensify viewers’ emotional connection with your next film masterpiece. We’ve collected some of our more exciting works here. If you need more of an underscore bed, let us know.

  1. Ana's Theme (Piano) Lamar Holley 801-879-4650 0:47
  2. Quinn's Lament Adam Anderson 1:55
  3. Peering Through Blackness Lamar Holley 0:57
  4. Winter's Fire Adam Anderson 1:29
  5. Lost in the Crowd Lamar Holley 1:17
  6. Lifting Fog Adam Anderson 1:09
  7. Night Full of Stars Lamar Holley 1:31
  8. Prelude To Midnight Adam Anderson 0:53
  9. Just Out of Reach Lamar Holley 1:12
  10. Arctic Arp Adam Anderson 1:38
  11. Lighting Candles Lamar Holley 1:31
  12. Shadows and Light Lamar Holley 1:46
  13. Icicle Adam Anderson 0:31
  14. The Wait Lamar Holley 1:12
  15. Distant Memories Lamar Holley 0:41
  16. Second Strike Adam Anderson 2:49
  17. In The Forest Lamar Holley 0:43
  18. Waking Lamar Holley 2:13
  19. Star Girl Adam Anderson 0:57
  20. Outskirts Lamar Holley 1:06
  21. The Pandemic Adam Anderson 2:09
  22. Driving Lamar Holley 1:49
  23. Noticing You Lamar Holley 1:05
  24. Telegraph, Tonic, and Bank Antics Lamar Holley 1:06
  25. Young Heroes Lamar Holley 1:11
  1. Planet Puzz Lamar Holley 0:55
  2. I Wanna Play Too Lamar Holley 1:00
  3. Artists From Italy Lamar Holley 0:59
  4. 12 Explorers: Newfoundland, Northwest Passage, New France Lamar Holley 1:19
  5. King Phillip Lamar Holley 2:06
  6. Mount Rushmore Lamar Holley 1:32
  7. The Castle Of Elements Lamar Holley 2:33
  8. Three Kinds Of Clouds Lamar Holley 1:50
  9. Bubble... Pop Lamar Holley 1:00
  10. Failure Leads To Success Lamar Holley 1:52
  11. The Berlin Blockade Lamar Holley 1:50
  12. The Games We Play Lamar Holley 1:49
  13. Where's My Dream? Lamar Holley 1:03


Children's Media

Kids make the world go ’round, and we love helping teach them through witty and fun music. Lamar’s Classroom Pop album is a favorite among teachers. We welcome opportunities to write for your next kid’s TV show.

  1. The Right Word Lamar Holley, Adam Anderson 2:21
  2. Every Little Drop Lamar Holley, Adam Anderson 2:56
  3. Anywhere Lamar Holley 1:24
  4. Finding Fantasy Adam Anderson 2:55
  5. Go Do Stuff Adam Anderson 2:13
  6. Heroes Lamar Holley 1:32
  7. Imagineering Adam Anderson 4:13
  8. Turbo Adam Anderson 2:56


Flexible Songs

Real-life music written for day-to-day enjoyment. Perfect for advertisements, theme songs and character interactions. Acoustic, rock, electronic, serious or cheesy, we’ve got you covered.

Lamar Holley

Composer / Songwriter

Master of melody and harmony who creatively injects emotion into music and lyrics. Lamar is a seasoned songwriter, composer and recording artist.

Adam Anderson

Composer / Producer

Multi-instrumentalist and gearhead with decades of synthesizer sound design experience. Adam is a versatile arranger, producer and composer.

Media Composers With A Mission

We heighten the emotion and artistry of cinema and TV through minimalist and tasteful scores that employ piano, small ensembles, and evocative synth layers.

For children’s television and animated series, we employ catchy and memorable songs and themes to enliven characters and enhance educational content.

Get In Touch

Lamar and Adam love working on new projects. Let us know what you’re working on and how we can help.

Got a tight deadline? That seems to be typical in our industry. Bring it on. We can usually handle quick turnarounds.

Even tighter budget? We can craft music that fits your budget. We love to hire session musicians when possible, but we also have access to budget-friendly solutions when needed.